Thursday, October 8, 2020


PTA Meeting Minutes from September 16, 2020

      I.         Meeting called to order at 6:33 Pm

     II.         Balances

a)    Checking - $7,640.98

b)    MM-$1,6877.12

            Motion to Approve : Catt Larson

            Second: Heather Dant

   III.         Min of last meeting 

            Motion to Approve: Cat Larson

            Second: Katie Hinley

  IV.         Old Business

a)    Teacher grants have been sent out

b)    Attraction books are for sale; link is on the Facebook page. Teachers can buy, take out coupons.

c)     Texas Roadhouse to give salad and bread each month; staff appreciated it.

d)    PTA Membership - don't forget to join link on Facebook

    V.         New business

a)    Texas Roadhouse will do gift cards sales again and will run the month of Nov. Will be all virtual

b)    Committees have not been formed yet, but once we can get in schools we will reach out.

c)     Venmo has been set up

d)    Snacks and desserts for teachers last day of break- sign up genius will be sent out. Food has to be store bought

e)    We are working on restaurant spirit nights

f)      Mrs. Boyd: wants all to know everyone is appreciated

g)    Mrs. Byers: ice cream and Texas Roadhouse was awesome. Teachers are getting PTA grant checks from Mrs. Byers.  The staff is excited and ready for kids to come back. Please let staff know of intent to come back. The e-mail has gone out . 

h)    Like our Facebook page 


Next PTA meeting October 13th

Called to close at 6:43

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